Close Protection

Close Protection from E7MAC SECURITY is the provision of physical personal security by a bodyguard or bodyguards (close protection team) to a person (primary/protectee) or a group of people at risk of harassment, harm, or attack. Close protection aims to prevent injury, loss, damage, or death. Our experience for many years in the presidential guard and police, give us the leading position. Our extensive knowledge on this sector allows us to have a full control of similar situations making immediate and effective decisions to maximize the security. Our team leader will study your lifestyle in detail and work alongside a team of experts to ensure that any possible danger and risk to you or your associates is eliminated.


Static Security Guards

E7MAC SECURITY static guarding engage in guarding services at access points or set place, the guarding of equipment or valuables, crowd control, event security or personal protection etc. Our fully licensed Guards are trained and well mannered. Their professionalism contributes that everything runs smoothly at your premises, keeping away risks and dangers. Our Static Guards will keep control for authorized individuals and vehicles, reporting and keeping a record for the activity throughout the day and night.

With NFC technology (near-field communication technology) & other technologies, we can monitor guard’s movements, receive messages and videos for any insistent on your locations and act instantly by taking quick and correct action accordingly.


Patrol Services

Patrols service includes a patrol by two people in E7MAC SECURITY car. Our Patrol officers, will arrive at your premises multiple times on each shift. Day or night visiting you on random times, so they can never be predictable will assure the safety of your property.

With NFC and GPS technology, we can monitor our Patrol officer’s movements, receive messages and videos for any insistent at any of our locations instantly and take fast action accordingly. This package includes an Emergency service when necessary, entirely free of charge up to two times a year.


Community Security

E7MAC SECURITY Community Security is a process focused on promoting a community driven approach to understanding and providing security. It has a clear focus on improving the relationships between and behaviors of communities, authorities and institutions

At E7MAC SECURITY we are offering exceptional services through our advanced security watch program for communities (Municipalities, Villages, and Complexes etc).

We are able to provide community study & safety programs with the help of our advanced operating systems and  trained officers to provide premium safeguarding for municipalities 24 hours a day.


Celebrity Protection

In E7MAC SECURITY we understand the difficulties of constantly being in the public eye. High profile celebrities, especially the famous ones, hire E7MAC SECURITY bodyguards to protect from different elements that can harm them. This can include paparazzi, psychotic fans, stalkers, ex-partners, etc

We build the tailored approach for each and every celebrity client and we follow specific scenarios, maximizing public image and minimizing risk. Confidentiality is our top priority.


Security Systems

We are able to install and monitor state of the art camera systems which are proven to deter criminal activity and ensures proactively to hazards, therefore not allowing the opportunity of danger to amount. Specialists can control access points and security systems, directing the coming and goings of visitors within the perimeter.

In addition to this, fire systems can be installed to provide guaranteed safety in the event of a fire within and around your premises, whether the threat occurs naturally or due to criminal activity, to ensure you have complete reassurance.

Home security measures can also be taken by way of installation of a variety of detection devices. These devices are equipped to detect and flag any abnormalities identified which will then be sent to the on-site security centre, E7MAC SECURITY offsite security centre as well as the appropriate authority allowing for a prompt and effective response.


Alarm Monitoring Center

E7MAC SECURITY offsite alarm monitoring centre allows fast and detailed information to be sent from your home or business system to our central alarm monitoring system, instantly providing you with assurance that the issue will be dealt promptly by having two operational systems running at all times so no abnormalities can be missed.


Control of Passengers and Luggage

E7MAC SECURITY is fully licensed and able to provide port & airport passengers the security control. At airport security, no person or baggage can access aircraft or restricted areas without having been checked.

E7MAC SECURITY is also licensed to provide services reassuring, a safe money transport and valuables, throughout the country to any destination given. We safeguard your money and items discreetly giving you peace of mind.


Security Assessment & Strategy

E7MAC SECURITY risk assessment and strategy identifies, assesses, and implements key security controls in applications. It also focuses on preventing application security defects and vulnerabilities. Carrying out a risk assessment allows an organization to view the application portfolio holistically—from an attacker’s perspective.

Each new case is treated uniquely. The goal is to put together an actionable plan for mitigating those risks based on your budget, resources and timeline. A security assessment and strategy involves three main steps: vulnerability detection, vulnerability remediation or mitigation, and validation.

Our Police and Military backgrounds personnel will follow the assessment directions and ensuring the desired results.


Yacht & Boats Security

Enjoy your luxurious yacht cruising on the Mediterranean Sea while E7MAC SECURITY bodyguards look after you on-board by making sure about your safety and comfort is a priority.

Upon request we can also provide powerful chase boats and skilled personnel 24/7 to secure and monitor the perimeter of the mother boat so you will have even more relaxed holidays or party event with VIPs.

The arrangement could be accordingly to your request to cover your personal needs and offer your cruise safety and comfort from within and from a perimeter distance.


VIP Security Drivers

E7MAC SECURITY employs only the best and well-trained Professionally Trained Drivers and VIP drivers.

Our PTD and VIP drivers are professional and hospitable, taking care of our customers by having a detailed understanding of security, safety, and privacy on duty.

We offer drivers of the highest international standards to meet your special needs and fit your lifestyle. All E7MAC SECURITY drivers are VIP Anti-Hijack trained and will ensure a safe arrival at your destination for you and your loved ones.

Our drivers are in high-demand due to their skills, qualifications and experience, which is the highest attainable in the industry.


Event Security

E7MAC SECURITY primary responsibility of an event is the safety and protection of all attendees at events including concerts, sporting events, conferences, and private gatherings.

Officers are deployed in any circumstances you feel necessary, including small events. Our services can range from political events to concerts and beyond. E7MAC SECURITY extensive experience allows the provision of absolute protection for all occasions.